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We provide specialized products and services in primary plastic containers, promoting and developing a sustainable business model with quality, innovation and differentiation, achieving this way the satisfaction of our customers, partners and suppliers.


Consolidate and increase our presence in Mexico, to grow, develop and position the company in the American continent, contributing to the environment and community with our Social Responsibilities practices, and a sustainable model in all our operations.


Mission and Vision

1. Integrity: Coherence between what we think, decide and do.
2. Respect and Equity: Acceptance of the social enviroment and egalitarian treatment.
3. Communication and Confidence: Capacity to reach a correct and assertive dialogue.
4. Responsibility: Conmmitment with our integrity, with positve attitude, assuming all the consequences.
5. Honesty: Sincerity and coherence with oneself and the others.
6. Innovation and Entertainment: To create + To Renew + To Learn = Continous happiness.

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