Today’s world is 100% visual, every day grows the number of brands competing for being seen, differentiated and recognized. This is why it is important to consider the container in the process of product development.

The container is much more than a simple container with a label adhered to it. It is an opportunity to build the brand image or reinforce the image and at the same time it gives value added to the product without forgetting the importance of protecting the product in the distribution chain from all the risks it has to pass through in an efficient way.

Leave the design of your container to experts of the area is one of the best decisions that you can make for your communication strategy. When designing a container a lot of qualities are required, mastering of industrial design to project tridimensional containers, project forms, materials, colors, etc., strategical thinking to transmit in your container your brand, commercial or communication strategy.


A good container design enhances the product and offers you many marketing and logistics benefits improving the behavior during the distribution chain when it is designed exclusively for your product thinking about reducing damages and loss.

You must think that the end consumer usually cannot see the product as it is, but he or she can see the container so you decision is made most on what you can perceive in those first 5 seconds, all what concludes from the image, graphics, form, colors, the perfect state of the container and the label and more… it will be decisive to gain the preference beyond the competence.

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