IML: In Mould Labelling

IML: In Mould Labelling

The In Mold Labelling, IML for its initials in English, is the techniques by which a container is labeled during the manufacture process; that is, the label serves as an integral part of the final container since it combines the manufacturing and labelling process.

Precisely, it is one of the great advantages of this technology, as it does not require one post labelling operation; this process is completely eliminated and generates savings in time of the productive cycle.

The high resolution of the label graphic is another of the great benefits of the IML system improving appearance and product sophistication, which besides it represents a difference and competitive advantage. It is worth to mention that the label is not seen as superimposed but it is embedded in the container and it becomes part of it.

Besides the IML technology is the most ecological among all other labelling technologies existing up to date. Why? Because when eliminating a process consumption of electricity or gas needed by the machines are reduced, the additional workmanship is reduced, too.

And, talking about recycling, if the label and the container are made of the same material and are fused in the same product, they can be recycled jointly.

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