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Companies need a margin of strategical and operative flexibility to face the fast changes in the entrepreneurial environment. To get this flexibility the best option is the maquila, simply because you do not invest in machinery or operation costs. The machinery becomes obsolete with time and the investments have the risk of not being profitable, the operation has a cost for individual learning and the processes to reach the efficiency. With containers maquila you do not worry about this factors because you may leave them on the experts’ hands that know the business and know how to take out the maximum efficiency of the investments and optimize the operative costs.

Our containers’ maquila program is focused in offering solutions in this type for almost any requirement you may have:

- Injection
- Injection blow
- Blow Molding
- Bi-oriented injection blow

We have the minimum of production accessible, in a competitive cost and with a wide range of capacities which come from the 5 ml to 10 liters and from 1 gr to 1200 gr in injected pieces.

Maquila is one of the preferred forms by the industrialized countries to improve their competitiveness, reach more flexibility and optimize the resources use. Think about what you may improve including the maquila of your containers in your company strategy.

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