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Added Value Services


Multi Plastic provides a series of services with value added for our customers among others are:

Personalized Service

We have the trained personnel able to provide the best service and consulting regarding to the consumption of containers, whether they are line products that can be adapted to your product or its development. So, working from the beginning and following up until the product is finished and meet their needs and it is done at their complete satisfaction.

What is Multi Plastic Connect?

It is our system for orders, quotes and samples requests online which was designed for our customers who are making frequent purchases.

You as a customer, can use this tool to generate a quote request in real time, place an order in real time getting the amount of the order in that moment, request samples, check quotes history, orders, track shipments, review the order status, etc.

To enter in this system you must have permission to access. Each customer registers the user and password to enter. The use of our system is free for customers and it can be used 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

Quotes online

If you are Multi Plastic customer you may request a previous quote before placing an order to know the total amount of the order. If it is a product you do not buy to us, we generate a quote request to assist you and send you the formal quote of the requested product, this way we can change the quote into an order.

Samples online

It is a special cart to request product’s sample, which operates automatically for each one of our customers who are already registered. Note: A charge may apply depending on the samples number and, in some cases, the shipment cost.


We are interested in inform our customer of new products and services. That is why we innovate the way of assist our customers, so by our newsletter we can keep them updated to offer better services every day.


Multi Plastic has the infrastructure and the personnel trained in such way that you may have the confidence that with just one “click” you may tell us what, how and where you must receive your products.

We work with the most important national carrier companies which make consolidated and special deliveries to all the Mexican Republic, also we can send orders abroad.

We count on the department in charge of working with the logistics needed so you do not have to worry about finding the proper carrier, pick up the product in our facilities, track a shipment or any other movement generated by your purchase and you get a door to door service.

Our team is prepared and in constant movement to make this for you with no additional cost.

Product in stock

We also have the stock service for our customers in order to protect them from a contingency for your line products. We ensure our customers a punctual delivery within our normal lead times.

Note: For special developments and pigmentation of some products are not in stock because they are customized products.

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