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Corporate Social Responsibility

This term corresponds and represents the way businesses are done in a company; that is, the ability to conduct business based on ethics and adhered to law. This is how the company is committed to play this role before the society.

Social Responsibility
Ethics Code
Ethics Code
Sustainability policy
Sustainability policy

Strategic Objectives

The main goal why the organization is making this strategical decision is to achieve the creation of profitable and ethical business based in a legal frame to generate:

- Higher productivity; since through better conditions for operators we can lead to the talent retention in the Company, so, lower levels of turnover.

- Customer loyalty; given that each time customers are demanding information about production conditions, certifications, and specifications, among others; customers’ needs are fulfilled since they find in the company a trustworthy place where they are able to convey their needs, concerns and complaints.

- Access to new markets; in many cases they require the fulfillment of standards and specifications demanded by external entities, including consumers.

- Credibility; we are a respectful company to people, communities, environment and society, that represents and reflects a good reputation. We have ability to react and adapt quickly and, at the same time, we guarantee greater sustainability in time, risks’ reduction and anticipate unforeseen problems and situations that may affect the company. This, as a whole, creates confidence in customers, suppliers and employees.

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