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Caps, Seals & Liners
If for many products the seals are not a requirement, Multi Plastic recommends them widely since the seal has several functions and reasons for which they must be included in the presentation of your product, for instance, the freshness, hygiene, safety, durability in the product, etc. There is an endless number of seals, application processes, and materials which can be used to manufacture seals, with compatibility to other materials, colors, etc. We handle multiple options of venting technology via aluminum seals with more than 75 different types of valves, foamed liners with slots and inserts to be applied in different presentations such as powders, liquids, solids, granules, whether they gasify and/or are affected by issues of atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and altitude above sea level to avoid losses, bad image, spills and accidents mainly. Now we present our catalogue of seals in our line; however, we can work some seals which are not shown in this catalogue.
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