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High Denisty Polyethylene

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This is a product developed exclusively for one of our clients, it is not possible to request samples or quotes.

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Last Update: 02/07/2022

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Detailed Description

Suitable for food, solids, viscous, liquids and powders.

Manufactured with FDA approved food grade HDPE resin.

It can be manufactured in different weights and colors according to the customer's needs.
*Minimum will apply.

The seat base can be customized with your logo, brand, phone number, website, etc...

We do not have stock for this product.

Please consult your sales representative for purchase minimums and delivery time.

Product Specs

190.17 mm

39.96 mm

46 mm

38.3 mm

76.98 mm

500 ml

544 ml

55 gr

Package Specs



6.6 kg

Package Measures:

19 cm

120 cm

57 cm

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