QUORAL® is an additive of resin with a unique and patented barrier of BPPolymers Inc., for high density polyethylene (HDPE) which uses the technology of laminate creating high grade container barrier. Quoral® BR is based in engineering of the polyamide grades (PA) 6.

Barrier resins are designed specially to generate properties of high weight molecular degree polyethylene (HMW) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) in containers which use a mono layer of laminate structure. It is a barrier based in polyamide (PA) and the resin designed to be used in extrusion blow process, creating a polymeric matrix of polyamide within the walls of the polyethylene without the need to add a special adhesive.

The result is a laminate microstructure in which the Quoral® BR forms big platelets stacks overlapped or discontinuous layers in the walls of the polyethylene which limit the permeation of hydrocarbons. By the creation of a “devious path” for big molecules of chain, the hydrocarbons are stopped when trying to be spread through the HDPE walls to the atmosphere.

In order to achieve this structure, special attention should be paid to the spindle design, barrel, head and mold. Also, specific adjustments are required for machine temperature and a previous dry of the resin.

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