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Last update: 27/09/2022

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions explain our services and the relation with you as a customer or user and the reciprocal rights and responsibilities when using our web platform and any communication or commercial operation you make with Multi Plastic, S.A. de C.V. (Hereinafter Multi Plastic).

You agree to accept the terms and conditions described below including any new features or tools that may be added to the products and services we make available to you, even if they are not expressly mentioned in the content.

Multi Plastic reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice to customers or users, it is recommended to regularly review the website. www.multiplastic.com.mx where you will find the current version available.

1. Generalidades.

  1. The data provided by customers or users through our direct communication means are registered and managed under the privacy policy in force, which is available to the public on the following web page https://www.multiplastic.com.mx/terms-and-privacy/privacy-policies
  2. Multi Plastic has authorization formats which will be required during the sales process in order to know and approve the conditions under which the goods will be manufactured and delivered.
  3. In case of a supply contract signed by Multi Plastic and the customer, the terms and conditions shall prevail over the contract agreements unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  4. Any supply contract entered into between Multi Plastic and the customer is subject to the current and applicable laws of the Mexican Republic (United Mexican States) unless the contrary is explicitly indicated.
  5. Part of our commitment to the environment, Multi Plastic does not print purchase orders, invoices, quality certificates, specification sheets, among others. We provide all documentation digitally and it is available for download from our Connect platform.

2. Official policies and communications.

  1. All products and services provided are subject to the contents of the current business policies and external communications related to the marketing and operation of Multi Plastic.
  2. The policies are included in the follow-up confirmation emails of your orders, quotations or samples or shared by the customer service team. Official communications can be found at the following link: www.multiplastic.com.mx/documentos/letters

3. Website usage and Connect

  1. The domain www.multiplastic.com.mx (hereinafter referred to as "the website") is for the exclusive use of current and potential customers of Multi Plastic (hereinafter referred to as “Users”), which allows them to consult and interact with the information necessary to manage requests related to the services offered by Multi Plastic through its website and the Multi Plastic Connect module (hereinafter “Connect”). All the content on this website, including text, images, videos, files, etc., and all the information is the property of Multi Plastic S.A. de C.V. or are used with the authorization of their owners. Therefore, the rights over such contents are protected by applicable Mexican and international law.
  2. The names, logos, products, silhouettes, images, services, trademarks, advertising slogans, videos or any other elements of Multi Plastic S.A. de C.V. currently contained or to be inserted in the future, may not be used at any time without the prior written permission of Multi Plastic S.A. de C.V. Therefore, the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, re-publication, exhibition or execution, as well as any other use of the content of this website in any other Internet page or in any other computer network, including advertising and announcements in relation with the conformation of this website, is forbidden.
  3. Users are prohibited from attempting to obtain information, messages, sound or image files (including photographs, recordings, videos, drawings, etc.) or any other element of this website by any means other than those expressly made available to the User for such purpose. Downloads for strictly personal use are allowed, but not its reproduction for any other purpose. The downloading of any element contained in this website (including any program connected by hypertext or links) is only authorized for the purpose of its application in the visit of our website, for any other use, the User must have express authorization issued by Multi Plastic.
  4. It is prohibited for the User to make or attempt to make any type of addition, deletion, transformation or any other form of alteration to the content of this website, and also the User shall not delete or alter in any way any data that identifies the ownership of rights over any content of this website.
  5. Multi Plastic may modify the website or remove features in any way at any time without notice. The website includes links that will allow you to visit the sites of business partners or third parties, Multi Plastic has no control over these sites or the companies to which they belong. By using the website, you acknowledge and agree that Multi Plastic is not responsible for any transmission of data that may affect the behavior of your equipment.
  6. The Multi Plastic Connect module is enabled only for users registered in the Multi Plastic's database and allows you to manage quotation requests, orders, samples, download invoices and all the information related to product acquisition processes. The website does not process payments or transactions of any kind, so at no time is credit card or bank account information requested.
  7. By registering with Connect you agree to provide current and accurate information about yourself or your company that will be used to properly manage the processes related to the purchase of products. Multi Plastic will only use personal information in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Notice posted on its website.
  8. Registering with Connect requires the generation of a user name and password. The customer is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his or her access data and for all activities carried out with such data. Multi Plastic is not responsible for any damage or affectation that may be caused to you as a result of the unauthorized or improper use of your username and password.
  9. Multi Plastic is able to automatically generate username and password for already registered customers to promote the use of the Connect platform, the password provided is temporary and it is not possible to make requests until the user changes it to a confidential password.
  10. Multi Plastic may terminate the accounts of users who perform unauthorized activities or account inactivity.

4. Prospecting and quotations

  1. It is necessary to be registered in our database as a user to start the quotation process.
  2. Sales prices are provided only through a formal and registered quotation.
  3. The prices of all our quotations and orders are EXW and are subject to change without notice, due to the high volatility in the cost of raw materials and other equally unstable costs inherent to manufacturing.
  4. All the products that Multi Plastic commercializes and that integrate our catalog with a specific denomination, do not necessarily have the same technical, physical and chemical characteristics of other products with the same or similar denomination in the market, so it is imperative that the customer validates and performs the necessary tests to ensure that the product meets their requirements.
  5. All products are subject to particular manufacturing and pigmentation minimums as they depend on such factors as:
    • Model and characteristics of the equipment where it is manufactured.
    • Mold characteristics and number of cavities.
    • Time required to change molds and purge machine.
    • Minimum purchase minimums for line and specialty pigment suppliers.
    • Sales minimums may be achievable between two or more customers through the "Waiting List" scheme.
  6. The "Waiting List" scheme is a service that Multi Plastic offers to its current and potential customers to reach the minimum production of certain products between two or more customers.
  7. The products manufactured by Multi Plastic are subject to a final delivery of +/- 2% of the total product ordered, in this case Multi Plastic generates the invoice for the amount of pieces physically delivered requesting the payment of the difference or keeping the balance in favor of the customer as appropriate.
  8. Design projects and exclusive developments are performed through a specialized process which has defined stages and times from the idea to the final product that require specific approvals to move forward and fulfill the agreed upon project.
  9. In order to minimize damages due to handling and storage, Multi Plastic determines the packaging (bag, box, pallet or others) and arrangement (bed or bulk) of the products according to their different shapes, dimensions and geometries, however, there are some products that, due to their irregular shape, wide mouths, light weights, are susceptible to suffer some deformation at the time of packaging or during internal handling, however, the products maintain their functionality.
  10. Before an order is manufactured, the customer may request a change in the original packaging, which must be quoted on an individual basis, since it generates additional costs according to the quantity and packaging required.

5. Intended use

  1. All products commercialized by Multi Plastic are subjected to general quality tests that include length and weight measurements, general functional attributes (capacity, tightness, stability, resistance, among others) and aesthetic attributes (burrs, color, uniformity, joints, among others) in order to comply with the specifications endorsed in our quality certificate and approved by the customer; when purchasing our products, it is the customer's responsibility to perform all the necessary tests and validations to ensure that they comply with their functionality from the moment Multi Plastic delivers them until their final use.
  2. Multi Plastic does not perform any of the following tests:
    • Packaging and labeling
    • Stability
    • Pressure and tension
    • Impact resistance
    • Functionality and performance
    • Storage
    • Color, shade, pigmentation.
    • Leakage
    • Dosage
    • Permeability
    • Oxygen / gas barrier property
    • Dimensional deformation
    • Stress cracking
    • No global / specific migration
    • No toxicity
    • Microbiological studies.
    • Torque application.
    • Product shelf life.
    • Simulated and accelerated testing under temperature, humidity, altitude and atmospheric pressure.
    • Filling temperature (hot or cold).
    • Nominal and spill fill levels.
    • Compatibility and hermeticity.
    • Transport tests or simulations.
  3. It is the customer's responsibility to know and make known the proper use and handling to all personnel who have contact and interference in the processing of products purchased with Multi Plastic, as well as to carry out any of the validations, analysis, approvals and certifications before the agencies, dependencies, official standards or any other that may apply according to their industry and type of product.
  4. Multi Plastic provides quality certificates for all the products it sells, as well as technical drawings and packaging specifications. If the customer requires any additional document, it must be requested prior to the authorization of the order to evaluate if it is feasible to provide it, for example, certificates of raw material approved by FDA, certificates of origin, among others.
  5. Multi Plastic cannot guarantee universal compatibility, performance and shelf life of products that are subjected to situations, conditions, processes, specifications, misuse and/or formulations for which they were not designed and manufactured.
  6. The customer must formally notify when, due to approvals, registrations or controls, whether internal or before agencies, authorities and institutions, it requires raw materials, pigments or specific additives that should not be replaced by others of similar composition, regardless of whether the performance is the same. In this case, if for reasons beyond Multi Plastic's control there is a shortage of any of the raw materials, the delivery dates may be extended until the authorized raw materials are available without any liability for Multi Plastic for the effects that this implies.
  7. All pigmented products are subject to variation or tolerance percentages inherent to the manufacturing process, which must be considered at the time of approving your product, for which Multi Plastic provides reference samples that must be physically signed by the customer to approve the required color except for black and white line colors. Any possible variation within the tolerance percentages does not affect the quality, performance or physical or mechanical properties of the products.

6. General Business Conditions.

  1. Multi Plastic asks the customer for the total payment or advance payment in manufacturing products in order to authorize the order.
  2. Quoted products are made to order and their production is scheduled until the order has been authorized.
  3. In order to move forward with the order process, Multi Plastic requires the express authorization of the customer through specific forms (confirmation of the order through a purchase order, acceptance of the product, confirmation of the carrier, disclaimer of responsibility of Multi Plastic, among others) as appropriate.
  4. Any payment made by the customer must be deposited in the currency in which the product was quoted.
  5. Orders for which an advance payment has been received are invoiced on the date on which the material is 100% available and Multi Plastic requests payment of the settlement.
  6. If the customer has special billing requirements, he/she must notify us at the time of placing the order to evaluate if it is feasible.
  7. If the customer requires to maintain inventory of particular products, a supply contract must be signed.
  8. Any request for credit for the acquisition of products or services with Multi Plastic will be evaluated under a credit investigation at the customer's expense.
  9. All documentation, vouchers or information required by Multi Plastic to process and authorize an order such as: Authorization letters, shipping instructions, proof of payment, among others of a mandatory nature; must be confirmed of receipt and validated in writing from Multi Plastic's personnel. In case of not obtaining such formal confirmation or not receiving a notification that your order was authorized, Multi Plastic disclaims any breach in the manufacture of required products, delivery times, delivery or shipment agreements, among others related to the sale, for not having been validated correctly and on time.
  10. The prices of all our authorized order folios are subject to price changes at the date of manufacture, provided that the customer requests special delivery in a period exceeding 45 working days from the date of authorization or that the volume of its delivery is greater than the production capacity of the mold and machines corresponding to the same 45-day period.
  11. All our line products approved by the quality area according to our catalogs of possible defects and allowed tolerances will be invoiced 100% according to the quantity of parts requested in the authorized order, and no rejections for shortages or overages will be accepted as long as the total quantity delivered is within the maximum tolerance allowed of +/- 2%.

7. Reservation of ownership.

  1. Multi Plastic reserves ownership of the products listed in order folios and authorized samples until the total price (including VAT, shipping costs, accrued charges, among others) related to such products has been paid in full.

8. Invoicing and Accounts Receivable.

  1. All orders will be billed without exception, either ith the customers fiscal data or as a counter sale as required by the customer.
  2. It is the customer's responsibility to provide or enter the correct fiscal data to generate invoices.
  3. Multi Plastic does not re-invoice or cancel invoices due to errors in the information provided or lack of data received by the customer.
  4. The due date for credit invoices is determined from the date of invoice issuance.
  5. For all export orders, Multi Plastic generates the invoice with the foreign trade complement required by the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (Tributary Administration Service -SAT), it is the client's responsibility to notify the name of the contracted customs broker who must comply with the requirements and regulations of the SAT to manage the customs clearance.
  6. Export costs and international handling risks are paid by the customer.
  7. Payments made by the customer for the sale of items are totally independent of the payment of charges or services complementary to the sale of the product (storage charges, shipping charges, sale of samples, design services, among others).
  8. For orders with payment in advance in which delivery in installments is required, it is necessary that 100% of the product to be delivered is paid in full and that 50% of the value of the product to be delivered is covered.
  9. At the end of the year a depuration of balances is performed and all balances older than one year with an amount equal to or less than $250.00 pesos, and balances older than two years with an amount equal to or less than $2,000.00 pesos, will be automatically eliminated from our system and this credit balance will be considered as lost.
  10. Multi Plastic works with the company Buró de Crédito (Bureau of Credit) to report the good or bad payment behavior of our clients.
  11. The following link provides administrative information and important communications: https://www.multiplastic.com.mx/documentos/cartas-administracion

9. Manufacturing and partial deliveries of goods.

  1. The delivery commitment dates for orders and samples are considered from the moment they are authorized in our system.
  2. Delivery days only consider working days, which means that weekends and holidays are not included.
  3. When an order is authorized, the customer is automatically notified for his/her knowledge and consideration. Any doubt or clarification is the customer's responsibility to notify it as soon as possible since, once the goods have been programmed for production, any change inherent to the production itself cannot be made.
  4. All products are manufactured under the specifications indicated in our official formats such as: Technical drawings, computer graphics, specification sheets and authorization letters; as well as physical sample approvals (signed by both parties who are client and Multi Plastic).
  5. The information provided for each product through the website is a consolidated version of information that shows the most relevant characteristics of each product, however, all the content of the website is subject to constant updates derived from catalog maintenance, so it is imperative that it is considered definitive and legal that the manufacture is carried out in accordance with what is mentioned in point 9 paragraph d.
  6. Any special manufacturing requirements that alter the composition of the product, its aesthetics or its packaging must be requested by the customer before the order is authorized.
  7. Delivery dates requested by the customer are subject to manufacturing and acceptance times by Multi Plastic.
  8. Multi Plastic reserves the right to comply with required delivery dates when:
    • The production capacity of the mold is not adequate to meet the required quantity in the required time.
    • There are goods of the same or other types already manufactured and awaiting delivery, which have not been picked up in time by the customer, limiting the installed storage capacity.
    • The customer has unfinished, detained or legal economic and administrative pending, which prevent the continuation of production due to the risk of loss or abandonment of the goods.
    • Any other factor generated by the micro and macro environment that makes it impossible to continue manufacturing (for example, natural disasters, strikes by the company or third parties, pandemics, wars, among others).
    In any of the cases mentioned above, Multi Plastic has the responsibility to immediately notify the customer for his knowledge.
  9. Failure to comply with the delivery dates of goods is subject to penalties by the customer only and exclusively when there is a supply contract signed by both parties where it is clearly and specifically mentioned the amounts and cases in which they will be applied.
  10. The customer may request delivery of partial orders with a maximum of 3 issues and may be extended up to 6 only in the case of orders with volumes greater than 36 m3 but less than 210 m3, the rest of the orders must be divided into multiple orders, each of which will have the particular treatment of any order even if they share the same purchase order.
  11. The orders that are between 16.5 m3 and 36 m3, are subject obligatorily to the delivery of partial payments if the client wishes that we support with the deliveries in our units either local or to be documented in some freight company. If the customer does not wish delivery in installments, delivery shall be collected by the customer on the agreed date and shall be subject to the storage charges set forth in these terms.
  12. Installment deliveries may be stopped in the following cases:
    • If the customer is in debt for payment of overdue invoices or miscellaneous charges previously invoiced.
    • If the customer fails in a timely manner to collect any required installment limiting the storage capacity of the following installment(s).
  13. The customer may not cancel the production of any of the components of an order that is being fulfilled under the partial delivery scheme.

10. Warehousing and internal handling.

  1. Multi Plastic is responsible for the storage of the merchandise from its manufacture until the day of invoicing of the order or part of it, exempting Multi Plastic from any damages and affectations inherent to the storage due to rearrangements after the time limit or due to the stay of the product in the same location for an extended period of time.
  2. Orders requested by the customer or that exceed the maximum volume to be delivered within the delivery zones and that have not been accepted as part of the partial order delivery scheme are subject to the storage charges established below:
    • All invoiced orders that are at our facilities awaiting pickup by your staff or a carrier, that are paid for or need to be finalized for delivery/shipping; have a maximum storage period of 7 calendar days during which no storage charges will be generated (only orders with a volume not exceeding 50 M3); this time is granted to allow you to coordinate your pickup, make your settlement payment or other documentary procedures in the case of exports.
    • When the term is completed, Multi Plastic will make a fixed charge of $25 USD and an additional daily charge for each cubic meter that represents your merchandise from the date of invoicing until the day of confirmation and collection, this includes the previous 7 days not used by the customer for the processes mentioned in the previous point, which must be covered 100% in order to deliver the order. The charge per cubic meter will be $10.00 USD for orders less than 50 m3 and $15.00 USD for orders of 50 m3 or more. The storage charge will be for a maximum of 21 days.
    • Multi Plastic will not retain merchandise in our warehouse for more than 21 days, therefore, upon completion of this period since its invoicing, all orders will be shipped collect in the freight forwarder selected by Multi Plastic as long as it is 100% paid. Accrued charges will be billed and must be paid before placing a new order. For merchandise that is not collected from orders that are NOT finalized or are credit orders, Multi Plastic will determine the disposition of the same for sale or milling as applicable, giving up the advance, and in the case of credit orders, may be grounds for reconsidering the conditions of the credit.
    • An order that generates storage charges may postpone or stop its current and backordered productions in order to avoid saturation of product.
    • Once 8 calendar days have expired since the invoicing of the order, we are not responsible for any damage that the packaging or the products may suffer due to rearrangements, internal relocations or the permanence of the order in a fixed place that may be affected by natural environmental causes such as dust, temperatures, light, among others.
  3. Multi Plastic, under the supply contract, may manufacture and store the amount of product that, based on the productive capacity of the mold, seasonality, estimated investment, among other factors, it considers adequate to meet deliveries in a timely manner. In the same way, any non-compliance with this contract by the customer gives Multi Plastic the right to eliminate the reserved inventory subject to the regular delivery times for each of its products after the order has been authorized.

11. Shipment and delivery of goods.

  1. The delivery times of goods in our units within our delivery zone are considered from invoicing date.
  2. For collection orders, delivery times from the time of invoicing are immediate within the hours of service, as long as they meet the requirements for delivery, as well as being settled the amounts of the invoiced merchandise, including other amounts such as storage charges, services, among others.
  3. If the order was subject to and accepted within the partial delivery scheme by the customer, the delivery days of each partial delivery will be subject to the delivery route that the logistics department in its shipping division considers most convenient, so it may be extended up to a fifth working day without any liability for Multi Plastic for the effects that this implies and without being subject to re-invoicing.
  4. The final packaging of the merchandise will be its original packaging unless Multi Plastic considers and assumes the additional cost of repackaging the product in a box, pallet or even in the form of a "bundle" in the case of multiple packages; this last is completely subject to the discretion and decision of Multi Plastic's personnel and may be for a single occasion if so deemed without being subject to claims for subsequent shipments in a different packaging.
  5. The shipping team takes photographic evidence at the time of loading in the warehouse or plant of Multi Plastic and is stored for 40 days, it covers the total delivery of packaging as well as the conditions in which they are shipped. In the case of rejections for delivery of goods in bad condition to the reception, Multi Plastic may send this evidence which is exempt from refunds if the conditions of delivery to the customer are different in their detriment to the shipping conditions shown in the evidence.
  6. For all local delivery shipments, in other words, within our delivery zone in our units, Multi Plastic's responsibility for the goods mentioned in point 10 clause a) of these terms shall be extended during the transfer and until unloading at the point agreed with the customer.
  7. Local delivery of goods is made to the door of the warehouse or point agreed with the customer; any maneuver different from unloading at the door such as: dragging inside the warehouse, placement on racks or other locations, special labeling of packaging, assembly of pallets and activities inherent to such packaging, among others, will not be performed by our personnel nor will it be subject to long waits while the customer's personnel performs such activities.
  8. For deliveries in our delivery zone, the maximum waiting time for our units is as follows:
    • Multi Plastic has a scheduled appointment: Maximum 10 minutes after the agreed time.
    • Multi Plastic does not have an appointment / delivery at your domicile: Maximum 15 min after arrival time *
    • Multi Plastic The company does not have an appointment / delivery in parcel or freight forwarder: Maximum 20 min after arrival time *
    *From the arrival of our unit to your reception area.
  9. If you have an appointment for delivery and after the before mentioned time, the excess time will generate a waiting charge of $25 USD for each half hour that our unit is at the point of delivery.
  10. The times are tabulated up to the beginning of the unloading of the material, so that the time spent in the unloading, being dependent on the volume and agility of the unloading, is not within these limits.
  11. In the event that the unit must be picked up after the waiting time is over, it will be the customer's responsibility to pick up the merchandise at Multi Plastic's facilities. If a second delivery schedule is required, this may be done at a cost of $ 2,500.00 mexican pesos plus VAT.
  12. Waiting times are subject to the above terms and any long waits mentioned in these terms will be subject to charges, which will be invoiced and must be paid prior to the next delivery or reorder placement.
  13. When an order is shipped within our facilities in external units contracted for an exclusive door-to-door delivery service or customer units larger than 3.5 tons, Multi Plastic performs audits through a "checklist" where the general conditions of the unit are documented both inside and outside the box such as: cleanliness, condition of the box, fumigation, presence of odors, residues or any other situation that may alter the original state and protection of its products.
  14. Multi Plastic reserves the right to deliver goods, if the units being collected are owned by a third party (neither the customer nor Multi Plastic), if the condition of the unit is not suitable for loading according to the checklist. The load may be stopped until:
    • The carrier presents an appropriate solution at the time.
    • The customer expressly authorizes by e-mail the shipment to be made in spite of the incident.
    • The carrier schedules a new pickup that meets the requirements.
    Releasing Multi Plastic from any rejection due to causes derived from the conditions of the unit.
  15. For shipments documented in freight forwarders or consolidated collections, there is no inspection of the condition of the units in which your goods will be transported, as well as if you travel with other products that may cause any damage, deterioration or affectation of any kind in your goods, so Multi Plastics disclaims any damage caused to your goods once documented or loaded in the selected freight forwarder.
  16. Multi Plastic, through its logistics department, may support the customer with the coordination of collections and loading of goods without responsibility in the selection of transportation through the official format "Letter of Instructions". Multi Plastic will notify the carrier the delivery requirements that include the conditions in which the unit and the driver must present, the minimum requirements of safety and handling of the goods.

12. Transportation, cargo insurance and risk transfer.

  1. The customer is fully responsible for the selection of the transport that performs the collection, transfer and delivery of their goods, so that once delivered to the carrier or even the driver and unit owned by the customer sent to collect, the responsibility for the goods passes entirely to the same releasing Multi Plastics from any damage or injury that it may suffer during transportation, intermediate maneuvers and unloading at destination.
  2. Multi Plastic does not recommend carriers to its customers and therefore disclaims any liability for the service they provide; it is the customer's full responsibility to analyze, audit, select and hire the services of a carrier. None of the employees of Multi Plastic is directly related to the carriers, they are only aware of their existence and coverage, which is public knowledge through their websites and other means of marketing and communication.
  3. Multi Plastic does not offer direct delivery services with third party units, the products are sold at our warehouses and plants; direct delivery services may be quoted with our units and will only be with carriers if so decided by the logistics department due to the type of product, total volume of goods or the cost-benefit ratio of subcontracting units or carriers according to the destination agreed with the customer, considering this as an extension of responsibility for Multi Plastic as mentioned in point 10, paragraph "a".
  4. The insurance coverage of merchandise in shipments through carriers selected by the customer is entirely under the jurisdiction, policies and criteria of each carrier for these last and therefore the customer, so the loss or total or partial theft of the same are also the responsibility of the customer, understanding that it was and is of their knowledge the scope of insurance from the selection of the carrier as mentioned in point 12, paragraph "a". Any change in relation to these issues is beyond Multi Plastic's control and it is the client's responsibility to be aware of the updates, changes, restrictions, among others, that may occur with each carrier.
  5. In all shipments with request to deliver and document merchandise with a carrier on behalf of the customer, that is, with charge to its credit by current agreement or with collect shipment related to its internal record with the carrier; Multi Plastic is subject to the policies and regulations of the carrier, so if special permissions or authorizations are required, the customer is obliged to provide them to complete the process or otherwise, the customer must directly make the guide and request the collection at our facilities.
  6. For reasons of traceability and security of our customers, Multi Plastic reserves the right to physically deliver the goods of an order to a carrier (parcels and freight forwarders), if it does not provide a formal document of type bill of lading foliated on an official format or letterhead; in addition, it must be supported by its respective Bill of Lading also foliated and stamped.
  7. Multi Plastic's responsibility culminates at the moment of delivery at the agreed point, from this moment on all handling, storage and transportation will be the responsibility of the customer including service costs, insurance, maneuvers, among others that may apply with third parties.

13. Product shelf life and nonconformity.

  1. Multi Plastic establishes the shelf life of the products in the quality certificate considering the appropriate handling and storage conditions detailed as follows:
    • Do not expose to sunlight or temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.
    • Keep in a cool, dry and clean place, free of dust and particles.
    • Do not store together with chemicals, solvents, toxic products or any other similar product.
    • Do not stow packaging at heights greater than those indicated in the product specification sheets. It is also important to have adequate storage facilities such as pallets, racks, shelves or separations to support the products.
    • Store the product in its original position, that is, do not lay it down or turn it upside down.
    • As you use your product, it is recommended to reseal the box, bag or pallet, depending on the presentation of the product, so that it remains in optimal conditions.
    • For PET or Polystyrene products, it is recommended to maintain the separations between them.
    • Any other that may endanger the integrity of the packaging or product.
  2. Multi Plastic accepts non-conformity reports within 20 calendar days of invoice issuance for domestic orders, and within 40 calendar days for international orders.
  3. Non-conformity reports will not proceed if any of the following situations occur:
    • Failure to comply with the conditions set forth in item 13 paragraph a.
    • The customer did not formally require the exclusive use of certain raw materials for the manufacture of its products, and these were manufactured with equivalent raw materials as indicated in item 5 paragraph f.
    • Pigmented products have shade variations within the tolerances approved by the customer.
    • The products reported do not correspond to the lot number invoiced within the time frame established in item 13, paragraph b.
    • The packaging shows damage attributable to the transfer or handling of the parcel or freight forwarder.
    • Products have been processed by the customer or have been distributed to supply chains.

Multi Plastic reserves the right to work with customers and prospects without liability for issues of legality, documentation, requirements, erroneous or incomplete information to finalize the purchase, file integration, mistreatment, verbal or written insults to our staff, lack of payments or misuse of your line of credit.

You have read these terms and agree with them, otherwise Multi Plastic suggests not to purchase the products or services offered. If you consider it convenient we put at your disposal the following account quejas@multiplastic.com.mx where you can state and specify the reasons for your disagreement. You can also call us at (33) 3612-1070

Last update: 27/09/2022

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