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High Denisty Polyethylene

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This product is a design, we do not have physical samples. To request a quote for the development of the mold, click on:

Detailed Description

This product was developed only as a virtual design, there´s no mold for this product or samples to provide. This section was created in order to make manufacturing process easier and faster, considering the extensive work that has to be done was already made. This includes creative process, design of the product, trendings on the market, differentation strategies, points of sale, etcetera. This product can be purchased by a specific customer as an exclusive product or by several customers sharing the total capacity of the mold, working as a sharing economy.

This product can also be purchased only as a virtual desing. Each one has its own specifications, data sheets and production plans for you to be free to produce the product with any supplier you choose.

Product Specs

580 ml

590 ml

38 gr

Package Specs



0 kg

Package Measures:

0 cm

0 cm

0 cm

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